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Saturday, September 14, 2013


I take a step

Randomness unfurls
The soil beneath my feet erodes
And the crust collapses
Some thoughts lay strewn
In the path, clenched
In the metamorphosis
Of sweat into tears
And vice-versa
Some dreams
Fading out 
In the bleached sky
Some shrill silences
Filling the cracks
The cracks commencing
From a place
I call home.

The doors were closed
Years ago
The curtains drawn
To let not enter
Even a drop of moan
Ah! I stopped moaning
Long ago
The place
Is now like a painting
On old canvas
In oil and pastel
Earthy!Earthy brown
In the base coat
Rendered with strokes
Of all thickness used

And the window
From where
I used to peep outside
To greet the morn
Has turned into
A silent, frozen lake
Some voices sleep inside
Some giggles have been stoned
Some books still lie
Unread. tilted on the bookshelf
And the chimney persistently
Spews an aroma
Of belonging

The still painting
The dead lake
The mute chimney
The sleeping memories
All framed together

I take a step


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