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Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Barren landscapes; arid wastelands
No skeletons
Only skeletal structures
Houses in barb and steel
Unfinished, yet erect
A cavernous den

The embedded eyes
Pushed deeper inside
By the capitalistic engine
Of fashion
The aesthetic engine
Of design
And the dark hollows
Two lives

Host to the parasite
“Anorexia” or “Fashion”
Ah! Seemingly inseparable
The petit object
And abject admiration
Of the “Flatness”
It hosts

A wish to erase
The dimension
To become more
Like the dimensionless
Apparition in the

Does it hold anything real?
Or it shows only
What you want to see
Through your own eyes
An image of self
Separated from all
Reduction overtakes

Decay follows
Eternal “flatness”

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