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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bird and the Bubble

You wish to fly like a fledgling sparrow sometimes
Not knowing where will the flight take you
Will you be able to survive?
The thuds of the wind
And go on ….Or just to discover like the bird

The broken withered feathers suspended in the air
Above it, as it tries to stay afloat
Knowing pain is near in the air only
And through the impervious air
It will diffuse slowly inside... permeate inside

It may be lucky enough sometimes…
To fall on the slick logs of the uprooted palm tree
Covered with a thick layer
Of glossy moss and green dew
A victim of the same sane wind
But older than the novice, hurt today

And slip down its slender body
To land safely on the ground
To open your eyes and see the world
Life dosen’t give mortals many chances

A thought bubble filled
With the vacuum of dead desires
Of flying high, soaring high bursts….
And the little moisture carried inside spills
On the ground, smirking wearily

Tired of being afloat for so many years
Finally did come back to rest its feet
Which have only been dangling since inception?
And now actually laughing mockingly
At the bird for being so foolish

Thinking of flying and flying
But will it ever understand
Some things you don’t do with your choice
Neither does any one force you to do

It’s just that you do it and love
The feeling that doing it gives you
Not because you liked, not because anyone liked
Because you loved
And only you loved….

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