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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Chiffon Lampshade

There used to be a lampshade
Of rosewood stem and yellow chiffon
Placed perfectly in our room
Since the eon

On your favourite
Cedar wood table
With plaids of red grains
painted by our dreams

And I remember
How shameless you were
to make me bare
In front of the staring lampshade

You kissed and it saw
I blushed and it smiled
And turned me gold
in it's yellow glow that night

When we vowed to be together
For all our lives
It blessed that night
With its satin smile

Time flew
And with it, your love too
But it remained still, smiling
And glowing for all the nights

When you didn't bother
To come back home
Or even call to say
"Cover yourself in the yellow foam"

And sleep dear
As I am not going
To come back

And i didnt know
I was to spend such million nights
Waiting for you to come
Playing with the anchor switch

Switch to the lamp, under the shade
Which lit for a second
And became blind
The another....

Not wishing at all
To pour the yellow droplets
And wrap me
In its strands of gold

The lampshade still stands
Upright with pride
Though tattered, with a
Dim yellow light

It has forgotten...
You and hates me now
As much as i love
Its yellow sheer chiffon

'Coz it was my first wedding gift

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