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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dried Leaves

Some dried leaves
Ceding themselves
Completely, to the

Once with the tree
They used to cover
The bare skeleton
and in return, live

With the passing wind
And the flowing time
The bondage grew
Old and weaker

And one day the tree
Decided to give back
The old leaves to the

The leaves collapsed
The very moment
Moisture diffused
Life refused

They twisted in pain
A gift of the one
They adorned, bejeweled
A pain from someone close

The pain sucked away
The bright scarlet tint
And left the leaves
Gaunt, bare and dry

With a heavy heart
They decided to go
Breaking all the strands
Of love and belong

The love which Fall
Also couldnt defy
When the leaves refused
To leave the tree

Could only change their color
Scarlet from the deep green
Bearing which, the leaves
Became more beautiful in love

But time, they couldnt defy
When the tree only
Neglected their Being
For some new leafling

And I saw, some dried
"Maple" leaves ceding
Themselves, completely
To the ground

The faded scarlet
"Maple" leaves
Smitten by the human hands
Of so called "Relationships"

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