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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mutated Time

I don’t know why
The time has mutated
I can see it flying away with my desires
Please hold it for me once…again

It has taken me so long
Oh… why so long
To understand that your love is not only my desire
It is not only my crave

How can I explain that?
It’s the reason for my existence
It’s the reason for my smile
It’s the reason you and me are there

Let not the time
Take away my life because
I can’t give up your love without dying
I can’t give up those moments

The tender moments
When heaven would be close
I know I would be with you someday
In your arms, Right in your arms

I’ll wait for this until the heavens fall
Until I no longer breathe
Until I no longer smell you near me
Until the conviction itself says I am broken

I know the wait is endless
The wait is eternal, but
It has exasperated along with my beliefs and me
Hold the time once…again

Let yourself feel me
Recommence the love
As how can you know what love is?
Until you set it free… Until it flows

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