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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Terra Cotta.....

The breeze gushed in
Through the half open
Glass window
Deluged in the smell
Of moist clay, wet leaves
And some beautiful

An underplay of
The blue rain, tittering
All the evening
Soaking every bit
Saturating every
Corner of this

Wasing away the temporary
Colors, embedded in the
Tiny paiselys and blocks
Of the Terra cotta pot
Lying outside

Getting submered in
The shower
Of love
Beckoning freedom
From the fake adornments
Of this more fake

To remain chaste
In its only decor
Of the uneven
Form, given by
The creator and
The inert color of

The night tip-toed mutely
Throught the white-satin
Curtains, covered in a
Sheer sheath of
Polka-dotted, twinkling
Myriad star filled
Azure sky

And I began to think
Can i be the unglazed
Terra cotta pot ever
Renouncing the
Cosmetic, glittery
Masque and wash myself
To purity
Ever again......

Under the downpour
Of your "Love"

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