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Monday, September 8, 2008

"Fireflies" & "Wishes"

With heat waves, come the nimbus clouds
And with the clouds,
Comes the pitter-patter of the rain
Etching million smiles on the sand

And the rain brings the fireflies
Strolling incessantly in a wanderlust
Perched on the flowing droplets
To be lost before they meet the crust

In the darkest fleck of time
A speck of light is beautiful
But, when there are myriad blinking bulbs
Around, isn’t it sheer brilliance?

Yes! They say it right
In the wee hours of the night
Some one does black-magic;
I can see the sparks from the cauldrons tonight

As I step out in the impounding deep
The chimera unfurls the wonderland
As if the entire “milky-way”
Has today descended on the sand

Wishes are also like fireflies
Too many swarming in the milky way of heart
Casting a spell at the sheer glimpse of one
And carrying the mind away in a go-cart

Do I remember the first one made?
The “lollypop”
The “Barbie doll”
The almost finished “lipstick” of mom

Or did I forget to feel the magic
When they came alive;
And capture the glory
Of that possession

No, they were not washed away
Nor did they sway
Only that some more wishes
Came in their way

Wishes to own big
Wishes to be big
Wishes to live big
Wishes… all so big!

Is the beauty of the flick?
In the immensity;
When I see them all
In thousands together

The fireflies, the wishes…
Nescient of the truth
In the flock, many ceased
Because they couldn’t respire

And I stood
Looking askance
Only at the sheer brilliance
Of the myriad

Losing thousands…
Mightier, more beautiful, dearer
Thinking so many
Were there….

Watching the spell
I lost the magic wand…

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