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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Grey Reminiscences

An alibi of you love
That you leave
On my silken sheets

Every night

The creases and folds
And the blushing deeds
They behold!
Speak to me
As you leave
For work

The way the “grey”
Spoke to you
When my eyelids
Couldn’t cover the distance
And look up into your eyes
Your eyes,
Filled with mirth
And desire to own

And how did the “grey”
Shadow of my curls
Vanish away
When you slid behind
Them; kissing all the way
Nipping every inch
Of the soul
You could

And the way
The bright haven
Turned “grey”
When you blew away
The candles
On display
And in the “grey”
The silence spoke
Of the love, you meant

The way your bare eyes
Smirked at my helplessness
And your cold hands
Tasted the sweat drops
Strewn all over
On my “grey”
Silhouette; you uncovered
In the perfect course

The way your lips
Left their “grey” marks
At all the places
And the “grey” tears
Rolled down my eyes
Till the bliss driven

The only alibi
Of your love

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Pretty Me!! said...

my my ... u put all ur writes here i see !!! glad to see a blog from u !