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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Intellectual Decay

Now beckons the maiden elf
Waving her bellowing skirt;
The skirt studded with
Glitters and twinkles;
And a zillion specks of light

Slowly waving her moonlit scarf
In sparkling velvet blue;
Thousand fire flies waken
To weave a veil of dew;

Perpetually the mist descends
And snow flakes tinsel
The fir trees; now lies the earth
All mystery to the clouds
Covered in own reality;

Naked and numb sleeps the sun
With no one to behold the satire;
Nature makes with a canny
And a raucous and tearing cry
Fills the woods with irony

Now droops the white peacock
A far-off peacock
All its adorned foliage;
And stands bare
Like a ghost it glimmers

Now the dried leaves
Assemble on either side
Of the pathway; drenching themselves
In snow crystals
Like two shining furrows

Now folds the white lily
All her sweetness up;
And slips into the bosom
Of the half-dried lake;
A far-off lake

Yes, the night comes
To speak of everything

To fold thyself, the dearest
And slip into my bosom
Be lost in me;

Let me suffer at night
In my own intellectual decay

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