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Wednesday, December 24, 2008


A soft hum
"Grey" in hue
If painted
"Grey" in tint

A brisk flutter
As if I walk in a hurry
To catch the train;
Train to life
On a journey; Neverending

An unconscious smudge;
I can see, the brittle edges
They slash my forefingers
All the time; Every time
I try coming to the verge

An empty time-piece
With no one to turn it
Around; Upside down
And let the time
Traverse again
I transcend; I pretend
I try to be mute; I gaze
As he walks obscurely
In a jiffy
Past me

The jarring me
The glistening me
The other me
The mere me
The kitschy


Sharad said...

This is really good....I needed it today..

Subhajit said...

Last stanza is excellent...
Simple but deep..

But why this title?