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Tuesday, February 17, 2009


What can be more beautiful?
Than watching the dim lit sky
Filled with many twinkling stars
As if creating a symphony
On a silent and dark night!

Can it be swinging on the hills?
With see-saw like uneven peaks
On even earth, like many hands
Stretched together, towards the sky
Calling for rain!

Can it be watching the alibi?
Ah! The ephemeral alibi
Of love making, so divine
Many drops strewn on the grass blade
Bringing soil and clouds together!

Can it be sinking in the thoughts?
Sitting in sun, on a winter aft
And recollecting the childhood memories
Still afresh in the graying mind
Shimmering like the spring foliage!

Can it be sitting alone on a blue night?
When the full-moon sleeps
In the womb of the silent sky
And I watch it breaking into so many crescents
Throwing pebbles in the dead lake!

It can be all! It can be everything!
Beauty is so dimensionless
Pouring from the shapeless clouds
Filling the water cups of all moulds
The pit!
The ditch!
The river!
The sea!
The ocean!
The eyes!

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