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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Colored In Your Hue

Years ago, in impeccant times
My phone rang
I picked it up to discover
You had called up
We were strangers then
With more stranger feelings inside
U liked me from the profoundness
Of your heart, which was discrete
From your mind then
And yet I was all
Unaware of the fact
So unacquainted the feeling was

You asked me to meet up
Before you go away
For times obscure
“Yes I will”
Was what I said
But couldn’t comprehend
The paroles unsaid
And tomorrow became
The anticipated day
Till that time I didn’t know
It was to ascertain
My life forever

Dressed in pink
And glowing in pink
I met you on the breakfast
But time stood still
When I gazed into your eyes
Those abstruse mirrors
Of your genuine feelings
Yes, I could read them
But pretended to be oblivious
Time passed and I stayed
You couldn’t give words to
The spirits reining your heart

We had lunch
I remember, for that age
I was trying to be so sophisticated
Speaking less, smiling more
Putting you in deeper troubles
You said I veritably looked beautiful
And you hadn’t seen someone
Ever in your life
With such clear and mesmerizing eyes
Those Sepia eyes you could live in forever
With smile more sumptuous
And lips more lithe

The day descended
And I stood up to go
Yes you had utter those words
Words, I couldn’t ascertain the depths of
You had touched me once
Touch, I couldn’t register the grandeur of
I could see in your perplexed eyes
The pain of separation
Pain, so impalpable
I tried to evade them
But so captivating they were
Yes, I tried to escape you that day

I have seen many moons now
And today looking into the mirror I realize
I had left my eyes that day
Those histrionic eyes
I had left my heart that day
That heart which struggled hard to escape
I had left my mind that day
That mind which gave me reasons to live
Yes, you tried giving them back
But they had gone numb without you
And couldn’t ever register me

Yes I couldn’t bask again
In the glory of something so naïve
Yes I couldn’t see again in such splendor
The abyss of a man’s eyes
Yes I couldn’t register again
A touch so tender yet fragile
Yes I couldn’t hear those words again
Saying you are safe in my arms
And I couldn’t again get a day
A day to live
A day to breathe
A day to smile
A day to glow........

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