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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Ruby Evening

Today when I heard the oscine sing
As the monsoon set forth
With the crumpled clouds carrying
A bounty of blue panacea

To pour the sea
And not to take away
Even a drop of it
A murmur everywhere

There he stood behind
Those water panes
And I in the frenzied
Hazel rain

Trying to catch even a drop
In my hand
But they slip away
Like my teardrops

Collecting the corals of our cherished bits
From the reef of time
I felt as if I was in a reverie
Trying to hold the moist sand

Belonging to the sea
And slipping inside it
As if one day the sea will take me back
With its sand

Walking down the memory lanes
I remember a wet ruby evening
We were together
And u were coming to drop me

You never knew, I wanted to stay
Stay forever with you
That day never returned
To give u back

Do you remember?
How you didn’t give me a chance
To stay back with you for life
That evening

I still wait for that fervent evening
When the glare in your eyes
Made me turn scarlet
The color I couldn’t discern after that

The traces of moisture in the sky
Don’t alleviate the resident pain
After that delirious pouring
I couldn’t feel rain again

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