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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Eternal wait

How persistent is the wait
The wait for the day
When we will meet
In the silence of the moors

Under the obscurity of
The sky filled with dusky tiaras
When we would search for words
To speak about the feelings

And would be able to find none
Which our eyes would have conveyed
So elaborately by lowering down
The lids as if to fill u in them
For all the coming lives

When the eyes would itself
Become the words
And the silence will speak
The bounds, lips would never have

And when the clouds
Will pour a million
No a zillion white pearls
Instead of the raindrops

And you will make for me
An anklet of joy out of them
And a ring of promise
A promise for life out of them

When you will take me in your arms
And I will see the seasons passing
Upside down: Spring, summer, autumn and winter
Living a life in all

It’s the wait, the wait for life
The wait when we meet for an hour
And in that hour I
I find my being, me and you
“Couldn’t Say Good Bye”

I know you have gone
But I won’t complain
Eternal I thought this light was
Only to realize it was caught in the orbit
Faults undefined...
Puppets we were in the hands of time

You came and taught me
What unconditional love is?
And one fine day left to see if it really was
Love they say seeks no reward
As love is its own reward

Lost I have nothing
However some drops of tears
Gained I have wisdom and strength
To walk miles alone
Gained I have light
To light up dark corners

I know you came on time
And more important left on time
Passing clouds everyone is
And I am glad you passed on me
You left me strong
To face the thunder after the cloud

How can I hate you?
When once I loved you with all my heart
And still do that
Blessing you were and will always be
So what if our paths never cross again!!!
So what if we could not even say good-bye!!!!

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