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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Faint Description

I was trying to seek answers
To the question you asked last night
“Sweetheart can you describe my love”
Was what you had desired to know

Cogitating upon the sense of sensibility you carry
And the innate passion
I thought I would not be able
To describe your love

Inclining on the barricade of my rooftop
Replacing the curls behind my ear
I looked around for the implications
Nature can suffice for all the answers of the soul
It was a breezy night yesterday
And I saw the wind, the frenzied wind
Blowing on its own
Incognizant of the destination

So unwavering was its determination
To take the world with itself
How confident and jubilant it was
On the insanity which broke it free from the strands

And then it met a tree
And whirled around her to feel
Its wonder for the maple tree
It had met in its way of life

Dancing with the forlorn tree
Vacillating in its dew filled arms
It spent some time
In the beauty of desires

Just to discover
In the bewilderment
The tree had fallen in love with it
For forever

How beautiful was the feeling
The tree wanted it to stay
Still and stoned in its maple leaves
And sing a lullaby every night

But it hadn’t realized
The tacit love the wind had
For the undecided
For the infinite

To travel all over
And search for the truth
And not to stagnate in the
Arms of the wood

The tree could not entrap
The insane wind
And it could not fathom
The impervious wind

How it could?
The pores were all saturated
With the love for its being
How eminent the narcissism was

The wind struggled
And left the obscurity
Because the wind loved itself
And its frenzied ideas

For the idea of truth
For the idea of beliefs
For the idea of hopes
For the idea of stars

So myriad the ideas were
Like the maples leaves
Which the tree had shed
In the memoirs of its lost love

Sometimes nudity can be so beautiful
Now it won’t have to wait for the autumn to come
And make it forcefully bare
As for today and for forever it will be in love

And then the wind bid good bye
Said it never promised to stay
The tree stood happy
Shedding the dew drops of joy

The joy she got
When she met the wind
When she jived with it
And finally when she gave herself

The wind flew high
And high and high
Laughing and shrieking
In the company of its ideas

How beautiful was its love
The animated and exalted love
Love never seen and heard before
Love to quench the thirst of being

And with this finished
The last cigarette in my hand
And my desire to smoke more
I could see the tree and I could see the wind

This is the maple tree
For which autumn will never come
And you are the phrenetic wind
With ideas so covetous

Now I could sleep
After so many years
After such a long insomnia
The wind was free, and so are you

I have my answers now
You love your ideas, as i do u
But yours is a bigger one
Because there are two you.

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