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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Give Me a Day, I'll Paint it "Blue"

What a day it would be
When I will be yours forever
And every night I would see
A dream to end never

So many dreams I will have
Accumulated over time
As if they will all resonate
Together in chime

The Every day I will have
A ruby sunset
And crimson would be
The morn for ever

When you will watch me
Covetously in a stolen glance
And I will coy timidly
And you will keep eyeing askance

When my pores will be redolent
With your fragrance from head to toe
And every inch will bear a penchant
Of your coquettish awe

When your jacket will smell
Of the lily ribbons in my curls
We would be left with nothing to tell
When you will gaze at my anklet’s pearls

What a day it would be
When I will wait frenziedly
For you to return home
My eyes playing with my heart perfidiously

A kiss for every breath
That you took without me
Implanted on my bare lips
Whenever you turned to see

And the nights will be all
Of the silken velvet blue
When you will touch my skin
With lilies drenched in morning dew

Can you give me a day like that?
In which I will forget myself
And would bask in your love
Like some fair elf..

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