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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I Said Once

Time is a bigger boundation than terrain...
it holds u....
and bequeaths u with moments
Only when it’s gone

Sink deep in the sand
Behold the sun for the last time
Its time to go back and avenge
The procrustean bruises by time

Transgressing the palisades of time
I realized its dimensionless
And thus I am free to promote
The prowess of insanity now
Insanity as dimensionless as time
Insanity not feigning to be benign

When the hand holds the other
when u long to stay
A tumult of emotions
mostly unsaid and undone
but all u hear is
“I have no time”

So busy in our own lives
we even don’t have time
to sit back and look at the reflection
of our own eyes
which gave grown sullen
with many showers which
could not flood the being
And just dried away with time

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