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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Gulmohar Tree

Sitting alone in the obscurity
Of the days which have passed bare foot
I think of times when I could see things
Couldn’t know and touch but imagine them
That intangibility which used to surpass
The feeling that every dream would come true
I could touch the stillness of the snow fall
Which I never saw
Try to figure out a rainbow in the rain-filled sky
Every time they poured
As if to wash out all the impurity of mankind
And think that I could keep the bubbles
On my palm lifelong
Ephemeral though they resembled happiness
The melancholy monsoon and those green
Water hyacinths which it brought in plenty
I wonder how wilderness could be that beautiful
And those windy evenings when
I could see polythene bags on their wings
Flying all over the sky like air balloons
And wonder if I could meet an elf someday
And go flying in their world full of bliss
I remember those frost mornings when
Walking down to the bus stop
Everyday I thought how tall is this Gulmohar tree
Why can’t it bend and give me all its orange blossoms
Which I will use for my doll’s wedding

The doll which I lost in the race of time
And the tree doesn’t stand now..

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