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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Moan For Solace

It takes me my life whenever I moan for solace
The whirlwind of my desires don’t leave me alone
They tell me the stories of today and tomorrow
Some known and others unknown....
The bright red beam of those old reminiscences
Dictate me to live today too.

And one more desire commeses
Which is nothing but an extreme likeliness?
Of those promises, I was unable to keep
Yes the wind which finds its origin in you
Is taking me away, away from myself
And I am becoming an apparition

Then too I desire to live with those memories
With those broken promises, which lie like
Broken glass pieces everywhere around me
On which I have stamped, but can’t feel the pain...
Nothing is oozing out except life since then
And you thought I couldn’t see them

I could, but chose to walk to see if I am alive
To see does it actually hurt
Look it didn’t... the subliminal pain of carnage
Has surpassed all other worldly pains

Yes I carved my fate to separate us
Now, I am this world and you the one above me
I see dewdrops every morning to look up
And exclaim u still love me.... but how do I send them back
To say I too...U still can I can't
But jut lie covered in mist all my life

Which is soaking me and slowly
Congealing me day by day.... Why did u go so high?
Why did we become two worlds, those two worlds?
Which never meet, as they say!
No I can see, I can see them meeting today...
Yes I can see them meeting everyday, near the horizon

I know this fact that
There were fundamental reasons
For us not being together
For the distances that sprung

Things went sour and
I couldn't protect the tenderness
My strength swayed and I couldn't
Hold together all the petals of our love

And this is why today
I have so many reasons to cry
And at the next moment
Laugh at the doom of my tears

Pity them….
Which masquerade in the blue shade
Trying to live for a moment but
So transient, they dry on their own

Look at my plight…
Life didn't even give me a chance
To taste the teardrops of my sorrow only
Which dry before touching my lips

I wonder o how…
How can love be such an enigma?
The more I try getting it….
The more effervescent the tears become

There will come a time
When they will dry in the eyes only
Those stone eyes, which only will bear the sorrow
Of the fundamentals, which you say went wrong.

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