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Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Searching you day and night
I did not have any respite
Implicitly I followed you
To own you forever

After a very long time
Today I saw you, glancing at me
Through those bottle green fern leaves
Which had grown on its own
In the puddle

And you stared at me
With those scarlet round eyes
Rolled them like a cricket ball
In the hands of a spinner
Afraid! I stood

Will you throw them on me?
Or jump in from the puddle
Your home sweet home
Into my lap the next second
Amazed! I stared

Atlast you moved
Ah! Changed the pose
To reveal the beauty beneath
A polished green back

With designer patterns
In sepia and black
You hop-skipped
Out of the old abode

And out came the rain
To cover you in a

Furious, you hopped
Back again beneath the ferns
With rolling scarlet eyes
This time staring at the rain

Fought dauntlessly
With your sword of
Long fern blades
To keep off the rain

And I remained agape
Staring at you
The “dark green Frog”
Of joy

I smiled with you today

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