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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I Breathe Again

Into the trench of silence
Evaporated my succumbed emotion,
In the form of my dreams
With your ideas

The day I met you
And you infringed into the palisades
Of my life constructed brick by brick
Through many moons
Of those fake smiles
I bore unintended

And look now…
What you did!
Left me vulnerable
And penetrable again…

To feel
The precipitancy of
The cold pricking morn waves,
The buoyancy of
The bottle green water hyacinths
Life just waived back to me…

I found the mute button
Of all the clamor again,
From the squalling
Vacuity of soliloquy

A new sapling came to life
Infused by your ideas
Your persistent acclivity
Lifted me with your
Unintended pretension
Of Love

Yeah! I breathe again

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