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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Alter Ego...

The mere second me
In front…
Lying oblivious
Of the creases
Smitten by the hands
Of time

Of the agony
Afflicted by the
By you,
Loved more than
By me….

Of the pain
Accepted with smiles
And tears of relief
When the thorns of
Your feet actually
Pricked me

Of the gestures
Sojourning your face
When I brought you
Wild flowers
Stolen from my
Neighbor’s fence

The second me
In front…
Trying to answer
The questions
I didn’t even bother
To ask you

And now
When the time rests
Its elbows on the
Still and transparent frame
Of life

I gaze out
To search for
The answers
Through the broken reflections
In the rippled water

And The second me
In front…
Ceases to recognize me
As the one
With sullen eyes
And the creases…

All the questions remain unanswered…

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