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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Once Again

Today as I sit beside the window
To pen down those scattered thoughts
The cold wind gushes my face
Arousing memories of the past

A past that had brought smiles
Smiles of our blossoming love
A past that had brought love
Sweet love in your touch

My day started with your good morning
And ended with your goodnight kiss
Life was a beautiful dream…
And plentiful I wanted to live

Then, why is it today?
That whenever I think of you
my eyes are filled with tears
Tears reminding me about you

It is this pain of separation…
Which is breaking me from within?
It is easier to die alone
But your silence is killing

I have to tell you loads
And so much to listen from you
But it seems time has gone by
The time when your love was mine

Wish those rains come again
The rains, which witnessed our love
You could easily make out the difference
The difference between raindrops and my tears

I never knew it was so easy
So easy to fall in love
I never knew it would be so beautiful
So beautiful to fall in love

Still I have some hope
A hope to be together again
I would be waiting for you
Until the day we are one again…!!!
I would be waiting for you…
Until the day we are one again…!!!

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