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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Velvet Blue

I wonder if you can realize
I think of you
When the night is drawing near
And in the shadows in of my room
The walls around me disappear

In my quiet thoughts
Only my dreams are there
When in the silent, velvet blue
The moon is tapping at my door
I only think of you and me together

I wonder why the twinkling stars
That droop from the clouds above
Remind me of your whispered words
Wish I could reach out to touch them
In the way your words used to touch me

In the lonely night
That breaks upon the early dawn
I hold my tender memory
Near my heart ….Oh so long
Time has passed away so smoothly

I wonder why I dream of you
In the thick black nights
When the cloudless skies are impassive
I realize across each day and dark
My thoughts just comprise of you

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