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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Place....Where

A place where
The birds rustle
Hushing under the charade
Of catastrophes and verves

Where the forlorn and the insolvent
Look up towards the skyline
For a life full of promises
And the pure incandescence of hope

No traces of grey
No supplications of clemency
Just a life full of melody
Ought to be lived

The smiles with no frissons
Of unstated anguish
The eyes with a twinkle
To rend the coldest hearts

Its here, around me
Beyond the cacophony and sounds
Of any monotone
Beyond the callous dissonance

The quivering wait in
The unrested eyes
The flickering souls
The blatant lies

It was all a matter of the past
Much beyond that
Hope is unraveled from the
Maroon of desires

The shimmer of life
Reining all the sorrows
Of the preceding
Smiling with eyes

Gestating with dreams
The celebrations of the life
Is yet to begin
To forget the sorrows of the bygone

A wish to live again with them
A wish to forgive again in them
A wish to perish again
A wish to rise again

The froth of delight
And the melted wax of time
Collected in a bottle
To be endowed again

To rise higher
Defying the laws of gravity
Pressing and fighting
To reach there

Where the birds rustle….

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