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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The River of Time..

And the eyes stood watching the rain
The eyes that had precipitated its own emotions
Sitting by the river of time in all the seasons
Those moist amethyst eyes

The nimbus floated in the horizon
Enveloped in a canescent blanket
Casting a shadow of hope on the eyes
Those almond shaped eyes

The tea lied cold on one side
Completely forgotten by the eyes
Waiting for the flicker of amber
Retching its last spark on the grey sky

Looking all around to find
Even a single dew drop
To put it back in the desiccated eyes
And let it rain again

But it was late
Very late and now time was a moment
A smudge on the lives unlived
A wait in the eyes bereaved

The book lied unread
In some corner of the unlived life
With bookmarks to remind the visitors
Of the milestones seen by the eyes

The thump in the mind surpassed the brattle
On the bare streets, lying under the eyes
The dog barking on the other side
Reminded it of yet another life

The titter of the interminable sky
And the cold shrills of the thunderstorm
The quivering light on the face
And yet the non effervescent eyes

Stood inactive, unruffled by the life beyond
Watching the ashes suspend in the air
Smoke from her cigarette vanish
And the stick incinerate to nothing

And the shadow on the window
Looked up again for a silver lining
In the grey smoke lying around her
To see its clear image in the river

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