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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Promise of Love

It never said it will bestow
With happiness or oblivion
Love never alleged that
It was there to give

It never promised me for yellow lilies
Because they will dry someday
But thorns in wilderness
To stay with me

It never guaranteed to
Make my dreams come true
Neither did Love pledge to
Bring you for me

It never assured that
It will make me meet you
But it said if I happen to
I should go empty handed

It never vowed to fill them
With grandeur when I returned
But proclaimed that I will have
Memories worth gold to cherish all my life

It never asked me to search for you
Never did it say to find you
But to stand blank
So that when u come its only you inside...

Yes, I came across it by chance
While you passed by
And now its there for life
By my choice

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