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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Under My Pillow

The memories which I used to
Keep under my pillow every night
Knocked on the window
With the moon that day

The tamarind leaves murmured
And my eyes closed
With the thought that
You are around again

The streetlights under the cascades
Of different shades of green
Lit my face again
When you sat at a distance

Some petals broke from the stalk
To spread the strands of moonshine
Of smiles and tears to follow
When I saw you again

A walk under the million stars
And a low tune
You couldn’t play on the guitar
Yet I could listen

As you came closer to me
I thought you have come
With a handful of dreams brimming
With all my desires

The resplendent beauty
Of those candid eyes
Which could not even look up
And fill me in them, yet they did

I could feel, the stars
Had not slept since ages
But they wanted to sleep in my arms
That day, and you escaped

Yet I could not escape
Weeping o your shoulders
When you said,
“Nothing matches your sepia eyes”

And today when I opened them
I saw this morn come alone
With empty hands
Yet they shone with tears

Filled with the memories
You have left back
Which I will keep
Under my pillow, tonight!!!

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