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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Unknown Call....

Doors wide open…
Lie facing in all
The four dimensions
Known yet unknown

And I stand as a stranger
To all those four worlds
Filled with mist
And profound iniquity

With happiness of
The unknown
And forthcoming

In the deluge
Of delusion
And obscurity

Pertinently at the threshold
Where life has brought me
Once again without insinuation

Asking of all the
Outlays and
The amplifications
I have atrophied

What do I say?
Lying in situ with
The Instinctive hues of grey
And the tainted soul

Which doesn’t belong
To this silhouette now
How do I respond?
To the call

I am getting
From the other side
Of the azure purview
So intense and deafening

How do I believe?
Someone is still there
Waiting for me
Living for me


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