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Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Winter Lullaby

The green water drops,
Lying placid,
On the suede petals,
Of a white, water lily.

The night sings a lullaby,
And the droplets recede;

Towards the kernel,
To rest in peace.
And sleep mutely,
Amongst the anthers;

Waiting to disperse,
To lose its being;

To move on,
In an eternal slumber,
And dwell endlessly,
In the Lily’s heart;

It’s almost,
The last quarter,
Of the cold and windy,
December night!

It sings a lullaby again,
Melancholic like the lost love;

This time for the white lily;
Fighting with the arctic wind,
Till the last,
Frozen breath sways;

Eventually, to slip inside;
The unfathomable womb,
Of the dead frozen lake;
And close the doors of petals;

For the next morning’s,
Virgin dew drops!

To make love eternally,
With those green water drops,
Curled inside its satin petals,
Inside the misty lake;

For all the endless nights,
Winter brings on its wings

The post is inspired by the picture above, specially the flowy petals and the mystic beauty residing in the frame.


Rahul S. Nair said...

i could imagine what happened to the lily from the poem!! It rendered images in my mind..
Good work!!

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abogado de accidente said...

It is a beautiful poem. I loved. I found your blog to be very interesting.