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Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Sitting on the seashore
I can see the tranquil deep
Seeming so silent and calm to the eye
But carrying a whirlwind inside

Sitting on the seashore
I can see the waves
Coming towards me to gulp me
But they recede only, kissing my feet

Sitting on the seashore
I tried encaging the surf
To make it mine forever
But it only left evanescent white froth

Why is your world like the sea?
It seems so silent to the world
Why do you keep inside?
The whole stream of emotions

Why are you like the waves?
I try catching you every time
I try making you mine
And you evaporate…you vanish

Why is your love like the froth?
Shaped like a crystal
So transparent…so beautiful … so clear
But so ephemeral

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