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Monday, September 1, 2008

Winter Fallacies

Signs of winter have started appearing
On the dry leaves, shed during the fall

The sun wakes up late these days
Reminding me of the times
When winter used to bring
Cheers and pullovers
And a series of bonfires

An era of ever blooming Dahlias
And meadows of poppy buds
The hyacinth bulbs
The tulip bunches
And with them a tinge
Of hope

When the golden glow
Of the sun glistened
Every face around
When the frosty mighty
Passerby, fathomed
The depths, profound

The sun now wakes up very late
Sometimes, it doesn’t even
The traces of the assault
Fall left, can still be seen
The tulips don’t grow now
To cover the carcass

From now no winter
Will be able
To redo the city
Weathered and ruined
By the hands
Of the fall

By the hands
Of man
As the riot ridden
Amnesia strikes

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