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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Fundamentals

I know this fact that
There were fundamental reasons
For us not being together
For the distances that sprung

Things went sour and
I couldn't protect the tenderness
My strength swayed and I couldn't
Hold together all the petals of our love

And this is why today
I have so many reasons to cry
And at the next moment
Laugh at the doom of my tears

Pity them….
Which masquerade in the blue shade
Trying to live for a moment but
So transient, they dry on their own

Look at my plight…
Life didn't even give me a chance
To taste the teardrops of my sorrow only
Which dry before touching my lips

I wonder o how…
How can love be such an enigma?
The more I try getting it….
The more effervescent the tears become

There will come a time
When they will dry in the eyes only
Those stone eyes, which only will bear the sorrow
Of the fundamentals, which you say went wrong.

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