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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Killing a Soul

Deep inside me it lies Curled up with
The Arcs of my body, sleeping in solace
With me it ate, with me it drank
With me it smiled, with me it lived
As a beautiful part of my chaste body
Unaware of the blasé scars
Filling up all the pores in the world
Undaunted it napped in the dicotyledon
Enveloped in the gentle caress
Of the body which could not carry it gracefully
The body grimacing in the pain
Of a sin, committed so divinely
And today I stand to refrain
From carrying this naivety inside me
To abscond from something so pure
To let it decease in front of my own eyes
Eyes which would have loved to see
It walk upright and talk in its angelic tone
To wipe out the most beautiful word
From its mouth rendered to be mum forever
Not even hear the silent cry and see
Those amber tears which could never flow
Today I decide to bury it in myself
So that the world would never know
I was not ready to endure the pain
Of giving a birth again to my chaste soul
I was to be a mother
I was to be a woman…

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